Chippendale ladderback
Carved foliage knee block Chippendale chair
Chippendale chair, 1 of 8
Arm scrolls, Chippendale chair
Crest rail carved mayflowers, Chippendale Chair
Splat from Chippendale chair

Chippendale chairs. A tantalizing style perfected by craftsmen in London, Philadelphia and elsewhere in the late 1700's. Over the years, I have talked my way into permission to crawl under and around them at museums, houses and dealers from Newport to Norwich to learn their secrets.

The arm (or "carver") is part of a set I made over 25 years ago, of which I was recently able to get some pictures. They've held up well, I'm happy to say. The late 18th C example of a ladderback at the lower left I had the honour to repair.